The Youth Training and Employment Partnership Programme (YTEPP) Board has fired chief executive officer Nigel Forgenie following comments he made at a recent parliamentary committee meeting, Communication Minister Stuart Young said yesterday.

Speaking at the post- Cabinet media briefing, Young noted evidence was given at the Parliament’s Public Accounts Enterprises Committee (PAEC) meeting earlier this month where the CEO was accused of certain behaviour and allegations of dishonesty and untruths told had also arisen.

At the PAEC meeting, PAEC members said things are “rotten” at YETPP and there’s need for a forensic audit into the institution.


The focus of that meeting — as at others — had been Forgenie who admitted his wife was employed with YETPP as a dance tutor using her maiden name. The admission came after three denials by Forgenie that any of his relatives were employed at YTEPP — and after a warning from committee chairman Wade Mark that he was under oath.

Proceedings also revealed that Forgenie took a unilateral decision not to brand the company vehicle assigned to him with the YTEPP logo contrary to state policy. PAEC members also expressed concern over the use/issues regarding a company vehicle involving Forgenie.

Yesterday, Young said YTEPP’s Board met with Forgenie and also reviewed his responses and he was given an opportunity to be heard and to defend his performance.

Young said the Board said yesterday it no longer had confidence in Forgenie and terminated his employment, effective immediately.

Young also said a Cabinet-appointed team recently met with Australian vessel manufacturers Incat and Austal and the team now has options and proposals to take to Cabinet next week on two new fast ferries—a 100 metre long one and a 94 metre ferry.

Both would be designed specifically for T&T’s waters and would be state-of the art, he said.

Source: Guardian