Who dumped these twins? Cops need help

Closed circuit television (CCTV) footage showing a man removing a cardboard box from the trunk of a car and carefully placing it in the Forres Park Landfill in Claxton Bay was not enough to close the case of the discovery of dead twin babies in September.

Police have not been able to identify the vehicle or the man carrying the box, the Express was told.

And the mother of the twins remains a mystery, as no one has come forward with information.


Investigators said the search continues for the woman who gave birth to the stillborn babies.

Police have also called on anyone with information to contact them.

The Express was told several persons were detained in connection with the dead babies, but were released.

And an appeal to medical institutions, clinics and doctors who may have treated a pregnant woman expecting twins was unsuccessful.

The dead babies, a boy and a girl, were discovered by sanitation workers at the landfill on September 27.

Autopsies done by pathologist Dr Hughvon Des Vignes were inconclusive as to the cause of death. However, Des Vignes established that the babies were stillborn.

It is believed the small size of the babies suggested they were not full-term.

And as they were not yet in a state of decomposition police believe they were delivered by their mother hours before being disposed.

Images of the babies show one with an injury to the head and the other with the lower body covered in a red cloth.

A homicide detective said the depression in the head may not have been caused by blunt force, but may have occurred during an abrupt delivery.

Officers of the Couva CID and Homicide Region III are investigating.

Source: Trinidad Express http://www.trinidadexpress.com/20171114/news/who-dumped-these-twins-cops-need-help