What asylum? UK High Commission questions Attorney's asylum claims

Oh what a tangled web is being woven as the tale surrounding the claims of convicted felon Dillian Johnson against Chief Justice Ivor Archie, continue to be spun in varying directions. 

Today, the British High Commission in Port-of-Spain sort to clarify reports made by Johnson’s attorney, Thalia Francis-Brooks, who claimed that her client had been granted political asylum in the United Kingdom after he left Trinidad and Tobago on December 29, in fear for his life.

In a statement, the British High Commission said it had seen the claims and simply put, did not communicate that information to the attorney.


“The British High Commission in Port-of-Spain has seen claims made by Attorney Thalia Francis-Brooks on 11 Januar 2018. It is unclear where this attorney is obtaining her information, but it is obviously not from the UK authorities.”

Calls to Francis-Brooks for comment went unanswered.

In recent weeks, contentious images were released on social media purporting to be Dillian Johnson and the Chief Justice.

Attorney’s representing the CJ have since said that the images were doctored.

The convicted felon first came into the spotlight after it was reported that the CJ attempted to advise Supreme Court Judges to change their state-provided security in favour of a private security company that employs Johnson as a consultant.

It was also alleged that he was one of 12 people who successfully obtained Housing Development Corporation (HDC) houses with the assistance of the CJ.

Source: Looptt http://www.looptt.com/content/what-asylum-uk-high-commission-questions-attorneys-asylum-claims