Water going down in Manzanilla

Some parts of Manzanilla Road remained under flood water yesterday, making it impossible for small vehicular access. In fact, only trucks were once again able to traverse the roadway with caution.

There were dire consequences for some motorists in smaller vehicles who attempted to go through the floods, as they quickly got into difficulty, their vehicles stalled and they had to wait to be pulled to higher ground by passing trucks.

Backhoes from the Sangre Grande Regional Corporations were also busy clearing clogged drains along the road to ensure a faster run-off of water to the sea.


Many taxis operating the Mayaro/Sangre Grande route have also told passengers they will not be operating until the flood waters recede.

At Mafeking, villagers told the T&T Guardian many of them were still marooned in their homes as flood waters were still high. But come of them of them could not wait and utilised pumps to drains their properties of water so they could remove damage furniture and appliances. Residents in areas were the flood waters had receded were meanwhile seen power washing their yards.

Mafeking resident Jimmy Dhunda told T&T Guardian workers from the Mayaro/Rio Claro Corporation and CEPEP came to the village but focused on clearing debris from the roads. He said soldiers also visited the community last evening, but only took some information and left.

He said the one positive was that the water level in the Ortoire River had dropped so they were hopeful there would be no more flooding.

Source: Guardian http://www.guardian.co.tt/news/2017-10-24/water-going-down-in-manzanilla