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“What’s Wrong With The Song? — a Portrayal of Men and Women in Calypso.”

That’s the theme of a gender analysis exercise which Government will undertake with the Trinidad Unified Calypsonians Organisation (TUCO) to determine the influence of calypso and other cultural expressions of society.

So said Gender and Child Affairs Minister Ayanna Webster-Roy yesterday, hitting lewd, provocative lyrics in compositions.


Speaking in the 2018 Budget debate in Parliament, Webster-Roy said in 2018, the division will unveil specialised training for men and women in communities, especially involving girls and boys to change mindsets towards addressing domestic violence issues.

“We’re fully aware of the influence of calypso and other cultural expressions of society,” she said.

She said the launch of the analysis exercise will be done in observance of Calypso History Month.

“I don’t really play the radio often at home. But sometimes I hear my kids come home from primary school and they sing some songs and I wonder if they really understand what they’re singing,” she said.

“I wonder if people writing really have common sense (when) you hear songs like ‘Kick Een She Back Door’ and ‘Bend it Over’ – what we really trying to do ?”

“We really need to critically look at the things we put out in songs and different cultural expressions because subconsciously it changes people’s perception and it gets people to act in ways they don’t intend to. So we have to be very mindful.”

Webster- Roy detailed 2018 initiatives including a draft policy for HIV-affected in the workplace, a draft Child Policy and Children’s Authority safehouses for women and their children by December.

Webster -Roy appealed for Opposition MPs to change their language.

But UNC MP Dr Tim Gopeesingh, speaking after, lambasted PNMites’ behaviour including the Prime Minister’s “shut up” remark which he said was distasteful and disrespectful.

Source: Guardian