WATCH: Fay Ann's Block the Road video featuring Stone Bwoy

Following its release in Africa Fay Ann Lyon’s video with African singer Stone Bwoy has been released for the rest of the world. 

The video, shot in Jamaica earlier this year, follows Lyons as she gets lost in what is portrayed to be Ghana, Stone Bwoy’s native country. In the midst of her conquest in looking for him, she stumbles upon fans who encourage her to perform. The video then showcases her crew of fierce dancers who wine and dance embodying the lyrics, “Mash up the place, when you move your waist….them gal they block the whole road, when they wine .”

The video was directed by Terminal 4 Media.


Afro Pop, one of the leading radio programs and blogs presenting the music of Africa and the African diaspora, premiered the new video.

Lyons recently celebrated her VP Records debut album “Break The World” coming in at #3 on the Billboard Reggae Chart. The remarkable achievement is a first for an individual artist album in Soca.

She has also recently been nominated for the 12th annual Nigeria Entertainment Awards (NEA) in the Afro Soca Artist category, which takes place in New York in November.

Source: Looptt