US Embassy heads south

The event began promptly at 8am as the US flag was hoisted near the fountain by three US Marines.

Ogley, the officer in charge of the temporary move to San Fernando, said this was a “great opportunity” for the embassy to engage with the business organisations and people in one of TT’s “most popular cities.” This country, said, was “one of our closest partners in the Caribbean region, with vast economic ties, historic military co-operation and deep cultural and family connections,” he said, adding that an estimated 10,000 US citizens lived here.

“The US is Trinidad and Tobago’s largest trading partner and US firms have invested over $1 billion in sectors including petrochemical, oil and gas, and the iron and steel areas,” he said.


“San Fernando is a city of industry and education and we are here today to celebrate the connections with Trinidad and Tobago and especially the links and relationship in south.” Consular Chief and US Embassy Liaison in San Fernando Timothy Swanson said while embassies “seldom pick up and move elsewhere for a day,” the temporary move was a “great way to deepen our links with San Fernando and southern Trinidad.” Mayor Junia Regrello applauded the embassy’s visit, saying his hope was that “all of the citizens of San Fernando as well as our more southerly neighbours take advantage of the information that would be shared today to ensure that persons interested in getting a US visa would be better apprised as to what is needed.

“Finally I must mention the symbiotic relationship between Trinidad and Tobago and the United States.

Trinidad is hailed as the land of Carnival, but in almost every major US city there is now a carnival celebration. In Trinidad there are about 127 steelbands ,while there are over 600 bands in the US,” he said.

Over 50 embassy staffers were present to interact with members of the public, with activities including a student outreach programme, a US citizen town hall meeting, and a visa question- and-answer session.

Source: Newsday,244961.html