UK High Commission responds: Asylum info didn’t come from us

The British High Commission has responded to claims that Dillian Johnson, the convicted fraudster at the center of misconduct allegations surrounding Chief Justice Ivor Archie, has been granted asylum in the United Kingdom.

 The claim was made by Johnson’s attorney Thalia Francis-Brooks during a news conference on Thursday.

 Francis-Brooks said Johnson had applied for and received asylum in a less than two week period after fleeing to the UK.


 However, pressed repeatedly for evidence to support her claim, the attorney could not provide any official documentation to that effect.

 She was visibly agitated when asked for official confirmation and refused to answer questions as to the source of her information.

 British High Commissioner Tim Stew put the matter to rest in a brief statement on Friday.

 “The British High Commission in Port of Spain has seen claims made by Attorney Thalia Francis-Brooks on 11 January 2018,” Stew stated.

 “It is unclear where this attorney is obtaining her information, but it is obviously not from the UK authorities.”

 Francis-Brooks did not respond to calls and text messages for comment.

Johnson fled to the UK some two weeks ago, where he indicated he would be seeking asylum due to threats to his life.

 Johnson was shot in the hand on December 3 while seated in the porch of his home at Springvale, Gasparillo.

 According to the UK immigration website, an asylum seeker may have to wait up to six months for a decision to be made on their application.

Source: Trinidad Express