T&T Chamber welcomes Griffith, thanks Williams

The T&T Chamber of Industry and Commerce (T&T Chamber) has congratulated Gary Griffith on his pending appointment as Commissioner of Police and has pledged their support for his crime-fighting efforts.

“We believe that collaboration between the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) and the private sector is crucial to improving the safety of our customers, employees and the wider national community, while ensuring that criminal elements are dealt with appropriately,” the Chamber said in a statement yesterday.

The business group also thanked Stephen Williams for “his professionalism and dedication during his unprecedented six-year tenure as Acting CoP. He will continue to stand as an example of selfless service to the country.”


Noting that Griffith has held a number of positions in the protective services sector, culminating in his tenure as Minister of National Security from 2013-2015, the Chamber said he brings significant knowledge, experience and insight to his new role.

“Crime dominates nearly every facet of life in our country. The T&T Chamber has highlighted, in a number of fora, its dramatic, life-altering impact on the business community, as well as on the average citizen. It has become almost mandatory for businesses to invest in costly security systems in an effort to keep property, staff, and customers safe,” the group said.

“Escalating crime diminishes our quality of life. Consumers have curbed the frequency and type of social activities they engage in, which in turn affects the entertainment sector and related businesses that supply it with goods and services. The crime situation has altered when and where consumers shop; seldom has a day gone by without a murder, larceny, or armed robbery, disrupting our daily lives, sullying our country’s international reputation, and lowering investor confidence.

“We believe that strong leadership— right now—is critical in making the necessary changes. The appointment of a police commissioner was long overdue.

“With widespread support for the outcome of the selection process and Mr Griffith’s impending appointment, we at the T&T Chamber look forward to a reinvigorated Police Service under his stewardship. We hope to see a continuation in the change process, towards more efficiency, responsiveness, and professional policing.”

The T&T Chamber added that it advocates for “a refreshed approach to serving the needs of the business community and those of law-abiding citizens, as we feel certain this will lead to increased public confidence and a return to the quality of life to which we were once accustomed.”

The group also called for the cumbersome selection process of a CoP to be addressed urgently to avoid any possibility of recurrence.

Source: Guardian http://www.guardian.co.tt/news/2018-08-04/tt-chamber-welcomes-griffith-thanks-williams