Trinis brace for Florence Monster storm barrels towards US eastcoast

TRINIS living in the US were vigorously preparing themselves for Hurricane Florence which is forecast to make landfall along the eastern coast sometime today. The life-threatening hurricane, which was at Category II yesterday, is expected to hover over the Carolinas with torrential rain, high winds and massive coastal erosion.

With a storm surge warning in effect, the authorities urged people to prepare themselves for the disaster. Evacuations were well underway for people who live in the hurricane’s projected path. The hurricane is expected to last a few days. So far, a state of emergency has been declared in South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia and Maryland and Washington DC.

Allison James who lives in Huntersville, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina said that based on reports this area would not be directly affected. The family is hoping for the best, given the potential threats the hurricane poses to lives and properties.


“This area is not among the evacuation zones. We are more inland from the coast. We probably will be getting heavy winds and rain for the next few days. We recently moved in the area and it does not seem to be a flood zone,” James told Newsday.

Trini-born US citizen Marion Williams said in Baltimore Maryland, there has been intermittent rain for the past four to five days. “Many people are buying supplies like non-perishable food, batteries and flashlights, from the supermarkets in preparation for the hurricane. We are not directly affected here,” Williams said.

According to the National Hurricane Centre, heavy rains with tropical-storm-force winds were yesterday spreading across the outer banks and coastal south-eastern North Carolina. Life-threatening storm surge and rainfall are expected.

Source: Newsday