Traffic to East backed up as Maloney residents protest lack of water

Maloney residents are currently protesting a lack of water in the area.

Traffic heading to the East is said to be backed up as residents have taken to the highway to protest by burning debris.  

Residents calling into i95.5 said they have not had water in days and there have not been any notifications from the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA).


Camille Robinson-Regis, Member of Parliament for the area, in an interview on the station, said she is disappointed with the protest action since the residents have been informed of a water disruption that affected about 17 areas in the East.

On Wednesday, WASA advised customers in parts of North-East Trinidad served by the North Oropouche Water Treatment Plant, that another leak developed along the 42” diameter transmission main from the Plant that disrupted the water supply. 

This was the third leak to develop in past week in the same general area, off Daniel Trace, Valencia. The first leak, which occurred on December 5, was caused by earth movement that dislodged the main following heavy rainfall while the second leak on December 9, was associated with deterioration of the main at another point.

Robinson said the residents were informed each time of the water disruption. 

She assured that a truck-borne supply of water will be delivered to Maloney today.



Source: Looptt