Three more dead in separate shootings

Terrence Ramdin, Christopher Walker, and Nigel Fraser were all killed in separate incidents over the weekend.

Ramdin was shot dead in Malick on Saturday morning; Walker was killed in Cunupia on Saturday night, and on Sunday morning police found the bullet riddled body of Nigel Fraser in Barataria.

According to reports, on Sunday morning at about 9 am, police received a report of gunshots being heard on Sawmill Avenue.


When they checked, they found the body of a man slumped on the ground in a yard in the area. The man was later identified 33-year-old Nigel Fraser.

He is originally from Picton Road, Trou Macaque, Laventille, but had relocated to Sawmill Avenue over the past year. Newsday understands that he was arrested on robbery charges two years ago, and was released on bail last year.

A close female relative told Newsday yesterday that his death was expected because he had always lived a life of crime.

“He wasn’t no bad fellah but when the system get a hold of a man it does be hard to let go (sic). That is what happened with him,” said the close female relative.

“Me and him could not agree because he joined up in this Muslim thing and only want to be on this “pow-pow” thing. But when he make he jail the other day he came out and they said that he could not come back down by us so he came down here to live. Many times I wanted to come up here to see him because his son is only saying he wants to see his father, but I tell him no. Now I have to go back home and tell my son “your father is really gone” The female relative noted that despite his criminal background, Fraser was an ambitious and caring person.

Hours before Fraser’s body was found, Christopher Walker, was killed.

Newsday understands that Walker was on Chin Chin Road, in Cunupia, when he was shot by an unknown gunman, at about 8.20 pm. He was rushed to hospital, but died while undergoing treatment.

On Saturday morning, 19-year-old Terrance Ramdin, also known as “Dj Pop Skull” was killed.

According to reports, Ramdin was in his car along with two other occupants, on Seventh Avenue in Barataria when he was killed. Newsday understands that the 19-year-old was doing a job in Morvant when his laptop broke down. He went to Malick to borrow another laptop from a friend, when his car was intercepted and shot up.

Ramdin died as a result of his wounds, but the two other occupants survived. They are said to be nursing gunshot wounds at hospital.

Autopsies are expected to be done on all three bodies at the Forensic Science Centre in St James today

Source: Newsday,244931.html