SWRHA CEO: No overcrowding at Sando hospital

Despite complaints on social media about patients waiting for hours to get a bed at the San Fernando General Hospital, chief executive officer Gail Miller-Meade assures there is no overcrowding issue at the hospital.

The South West Regional Health Authority (SWRHA) CEO was responding to complaints on Facebook about the lengthy period patients have to wait for beds at the hospital.

The comments were based on a photo of showing at least two people lying on stretchers in the corridor of the hospital.


Rosemarie Singh wrote, “I was there in the emergency recently and remained on a chair for 24 hours no beds to be warded for tests to be done and to be treated …had to sign myself out with no sight of a clean toilet or even a bathroom to have a shower…. what a punishment citizens have to endure in our healthcare system and to think we pay taxes and health surcharge like clock work and not even basic medicine for chronic ailments!! Plz resign Deyalsingh you’re an absolute waste of time and money.”

Ingrid Joefield wrote, “Waited with my mom who has a heart condition on a hard plastic chair for a record nearly two days before finally getting a bed. Sad state of affairs but not a recent one. Seems nothing will change. Can a new hospital help? Maybe. Would it change attitudes? Not sure, but I am hopeful things will change.”

Former medical director Anand Chattergoon said there is an overcrowding problem.

“The overcrowding is very bad, but there is a new board and I am hoping the new board will address this. A lot of people calling me to complain they cannot get beds and they have to wait very long in casualty department. Something really needs to be done,” he said.

Miller-Meade admitted there was a challenge over the Easter weekend with 19 to 20 people patients waiting for beds.

However, she said there was a good flow yesterday. “We don’t have overcrowding,” she said. Miller-Meade explained that there was a process for a patients to be assigned beds.

“When patients come I sometimes need to discharge people to make a bed available. It depends on how fill I am and how fast I discharge patients. So there is no issue,” she said.

Asked whether there were any plans for the 230 beds from Couva to be handed over to SWRHA, Miller-Meade referred that question to Health Minister Terrance Deyalsingh

Source: Guardian http://www.guardian.co.tt/news/2018-04-03/swrha-ceo-no-overcrowding-sando-hospital