Source of oil leak unknown

As Petrotrin completed clean-up operations after oil deposits washed ashore at two beaches in La Brea, an environmental activist is calling on Petrotrin to disclose the source of the oil and how much leaked into the ocean.

Commenting on the presence of oil at Carat Shed and Point Stable beaches on August 1, Aboud of Fishermen and Friends of the Sea (FFOS) admitted the volume of oil was less than what leaked out from a ruptured tank in April. Some 125,000 barrels of oil leaked into the Guaracara River on that occasion and contaminated beaches in the south western peninsula.

 “But how much was this spill, where did the oil come from. Up to now, Petotrin is silent on the source, volume of the oil spill or on the associated risk it poses to the nearby communities and fisheries. What is being used to clean up this spill,” he asked.


“Disasters such as the December 2013 oil spills and the April 23, 2017 Tank 70 rupture have a long lasting impact on the livelihoods of fisher-folk, and health of the fisheries. These effects continue to be seen and felt even after 44 months of the 11 oil spills in 2013, as over 20 species of dead fish and dying shrimp continue to wash ashore daily in Point Sable Beach, La Brea,” he claimed.

He also questioned why there is no transparency on the undocumented and unreported leakages that are rated as insignificant by Petrotrin. Accusing Petrotrin of having a continuous degrading impact on fisheries and livelihoods because of continuous oil spills, he said transparency would encourage efficiency.

“And yet the public is locked out from viewing Petrotrin’s environment audits and reports such as the still secretly hidden Tank 70, 2003 report done by Shell.”

In a statement, the State-owned energy company said clean-up operations along the shoreline was completed. However, the company stated that the source of the oil was still undetermined and investigations were ongoing. The company said it would continue to monitor the beaches and thanked all stakeholders for their assistance and cooperation in completing these clean-up activities in a safe and timely manner.

Source: Guardian