Shake Senora – Poem

Shake Señora

When Señora wants to dance

She has the region in a trance


She wants her Latin lover bad

But he’s run off to Trinidad.


Her temper now begins to climb

Her temper soars to six point nine

Everything begins to shake

And the earth begins to quake.


From the ground a mighty rumble

As the brickwork starts to crumble

Office workers cry and pray,

As tall buildings rock and sway.


People scamper in the street

Unaccustomed to the beat

Grocery items trash the aisles

Followed by the ceiling tiles.



Glass panes on the storefronts shatter

Everywhere the people scatter

Cracks in floors begin to widen

Sinking chunk off Centipede Island.


In her rage she shuns religion

She rocks the faith to its foundation

Those in church stand at the door

As symbols of faith fall to the floor.


Señora wants her Latin lover

As the people run for cover

But he’s nowhere to be found

And so the walls come tumbling down.


Señora relents after a minute;

The people shouldn’t suffer for it

If he’s not here by nine o’clock,

We may just get an aftershock!


A poem about an earthquake felt in Trinidad and Tobago @5:31p.m.,

On Tuesday August 21st 2018, magnitude 6.9 – 7.2     Tehron Harper