Seabridge motion turned down by Speaker

Oropouche MP Dr Roodal Moonilal chastised the Government for the collapse of the seabridge yesterday.

He claimed ferry passengers taking the airbridge were being given KFC refreshment and the company providing it, was “making money off the seabridge” collapse.

Moonilal said while ferry passengers were being transported by CAL, a crisis was still brewing.


“It’s the first time since 1797 we don’t have a boat between Trinidad and Tobago, people are buying a $40 ferry ticket and getting a $300 plane ride,” he said. The actual cost of a ferry ticket is $50 one way while it costs $150 one way on the airline.

In Parliament, UNC MP Suruj Rambachan attempted unsuccessfully to raise the issue of the seabridge collapse which he said disastrously came ahead of the busy Easter traffic weekend.

Rambachan said the absence of a seabridge for the looming Easter weekend — an important business date in Tobago’s tourism calendar — would complete the collapse of the island’s tourism sector and its economy.

House Speaker Brigid Annisette-George said the matter, while the issue was important, it was debated in the Senate recently. (G.A.)

Source: Guardian