Sad end to true patriot

Former director of the National Museum and Art Gallery and well known patriot, Dr Claire Broadbridge, 80, was found brutally murdered at her St Ann’s home last evening.

It is believed her killers attempted to burn down her house as they escaped.


Police said residents of Fondes Amandes noticed smoke coming from the direction of Broadbridge’s residence at around 6 pm and called the Fire Service and police.

Fire officers from Wrightson Road arrived and after checks were made Broadbridge’s body was found inside.

The scene of the crime was described as “horrendous” by close family and friends who were up to late last night on the scene.

T&T Guardian was told Broadbridge had made several reports to the police a few days ago about prowlers seen on the premises. According to police officers at the scene, it is believe Broadbridge, who was home alone, was attacked by bandits during a robbery.

Broadbridge was the mother of three, including well-known environmentalist Stephen Broadbridge, who was said to be currently out of the country on an environmental tour but had to cut it short due to the tragic news. He arrived at the scene shortly before 9 pm.

Close friends, family and neighbours gathered at the scene in tears as the tragedy struck home hard.

A close relative who wished not to be identified described Broadbridge’s gruesome killing as “a sad and horrid end to an outstanding lady who was so humble and patriotic in every way to T&T.”

“She was a patriot who held firm to the best values of T&T. Her three children and family are in grief tonight (last night). The family grieves the loss of this outstanding citizen in T&T under the most horrific circumstances,” the relative added.

“She served T&T well and we join with the thousands of people who have felt the hand of unrestrained violence in T&T.”

Among some of her noted work, Broadbridge worked in the recovery and protection of the Dutch ships in the Scarborough harbour. She also got a heritage site declared for the Shouter Baptist museum and reorganised the museum during her tenure. She worked through the region and the Smithsonian museum after retirement.

Source: Guardian