Rape victim, 77, dies before predator convicted

A man has been found guilty of the rape of a woman who died before he was convicted for the crimes.

Prisoner Allison Paul who was also known as Allison Ramsingh and Blacks, was charged with burglary with intent to rape and rape of the woman in 2006.

The victim was 77 years old when she died last year September. The evidence she gave at the magistrates’ court was read as part of the State’s case which was led by attorneys Trevor Jones and Anslem Leander.


The trial which began on February 1, was heard before Justice Maria Wilson in the San Fernando Third Criminal Court.

The prosecution’s case was that on June 1 2006, the victim was asleep at her southern home when around 2.30 a.m. she heard a loud noise. She then felt a person grab her by the neck. Paul, who used to live near the woman’s home for a year and entered the house by removing panes from the window, threatened to kill her if she made any noises. Paul raped her, choking the woman while the act was being committed. He then told her he wanted to talk to her and asked her for $450 to fix his car.

The jury also heard evidence from a woman who Paul is charged with raping in 2001. She said she was also choked and Paul told her that he wanted to speak to her after the act.

This woman testified before the jury that she was travelling in a maxi taxi and after complaining that the drunk conductor was harassing her, the female driver of the maxi put her out the vehicle, into the rain. The woman who was 40 years at the time, stopped a private for hire car driven by Paul. During the trip a friend entered. He paid for her and kissed her on her cheek as he reached his destination. The woman asked that Paul drop her home but instead he took her to an abandoned street where he raped her. He also choked her during the act and threatened to kill her. Paul then told her he wanted to talk to her. After insisting that he drop her home, the woman was able to jump out of the car as it slowed down near a traffic light.

Paul testified during the trial. His defence was one of mistaken identity.

It took the jury approximately an hour and a half to return with the guilty verdict. Paul was represented by attorney Subhas Panday who is expected to speak on his behalf March 28. Paul will subsequently be sentenced for the offences of burglary with intent to rape and the 2006 rape.

The matters became delayed after Paul absconded for eight years. The 2001 matter is yet to be tried before the court.

Source: Trinidad Express http://www.trinidadexpress.com/20180306/news/rape-victim-77-dies-before-predator-convicted