Ramsingh Sharma faces lawsuit

Composer and writer Lewis Rowans, who holds a BSc in music from the United Kingdom, is claiming to be the composer of the song and is demanding his share of the royalties and winnings earned by Maharaj.

Attorneys Richard Thomas and Angelique Olowe, who are representing Rowans, have written to Maharaj giving him seven days in which to respond to their pre-action protocol letter.

Rowans attorneys said Maharaj fraudulently claimed to be the author/composer of Ramsingh Sharma and conspired with others to collect royalties for the song.


Rowans says he intends to ask the court to declare him the sole author and creator of the piece.

He will also be claiming all royalties for the song as well as 60 percent of Maharaj’s winnings.

Rowans also wants Maharaj to list his past and future performances at which he performed the song so as to assess the amount paid in royalties as well as an account of all the royalties paid out by the Copyright Organisation of TT (COTT).

Rowans will be seeking to recover these royalties. He is also asking Maharaj to withdraw his authorisation to COTT to collect royalties on his behalf for the song,

Source: Newsday http://www.newsday.co.tt/news/0,241200.html