POS lighthouse shines once again

The newly refurbished St Vincent Jetty Lighthouse in Port of Spain once again glows with light, after undergoing renovation works courtesy Beacon Insurance.

In a release, the company said it is pleased to be a part of the renovation of such a historic landmark after the lighthouse again shone with light over the weekend. 

“The lighthouse has always been a symbol of strength and stability, a powerful and unmoving entity that withstands the forces of nature, guiding many to the sanctuary of dry land. Beacon Insurance was recently granted approval to “adopt” the St. Vincent Jetty Lighthouse, more commonly known as the Port of Spain Lighthouse and in so doing restore and maintain the structure, which has undeniably seen better days over the years.”


“Over the weekend, restoration works began, giving the national landmark a fresh look, inclusive of re-introducing light to the Lantern room at the top of the structure, powered by newly installed solar panels to ensure its sustainability. For Beacon Insurance, the lighthouse symbol in its logo conveys a similar strength and resilience evidenced by their regional presence for over 40 years and counting,” the company said. 

The lighthouse on Wrightson Road, Port of Spain, is one of Trinidad’s most prominent landmarks, built in 1842 by the governor Colonel Sir Henry Mcleod to assist sea traffic for ships entering and leaving Port of Spain’s harbour.

Originally, it was situated at the end of a long jetty leading from the seafront, approximately where the south side of Independence Square is now. Since then, reclamation works have shifted its location to where it now sits, between the East-bound and West-bound lanes of Wrightson road.

“Recognizing that there has been criticism in the past surrounding restorative works and that more is expected subsequent to this, Beacon remains optimistic that this gesture will be received in the manner it was intended.”

“It is a structure that has a deeply personal meaning to the company and it was an honour for them to be entrusted with its care and restoration, a privilege that the company took very seriously, ensuring that all necessary parties were consulted and all approvals granted, prior to executing any work.”

“With the serendipitous completion of work so close to the festival of lights, the company is happy to help brighten our nation’s glow when celebrating the triumph of light over darkness,” the release said.


Source: Looptt http://www.looptt.com/content/pos-lighthouse-shines-once-again