Pascall pulls her weight for Carnival 2018


South-based calypsonian Kerice Pascall is pulling her weight. All set to deliver sweet kaiso, Pascall deals with issues at hand in her social commentary. She is one of the youth calypsonians at Kaiso Showkase tent, which opened at Palms Club, Pointe-a-Pierre Road, San Fernando yesterday.

Her song Pull Yuh Weight is gaining popularity in south on Wack Radio and at Carnival events. The song was written by her grandfather, Sylvester Langdon (D Ma Guff), and produced by Leston Paul.


She sings, “I know and you know, this is recession time and all of us feeling the pinch. But I also know it’s not the end of the line and how to ease out from this deadly clinch.” Her words reflect life today as everyone deals with the current recession and rise in the cost of living.

“As a calypsonian people expect you to deal with political and social issues,” she said. She added that life unfolds and those who are prepared to fight the odds will survive the hardships faced on a daily basis.

Pascall noted that there are lots of seasoned calypsonians in TT who bring strong messages and she looks forward to listening to new creations and new compositions for the new year.

Last year, although Pascall did not make it to Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain, for the Calypso Monarch final, she was a hit at Calypso Fiesta, where her 2017 offering was Black Equation.

The songs says, “Blackman, how long yuh on the ladder but down below, I want to know? So ah formulate an equation just to find out why this is so…Ah divide multiply and ah subtract to see what keeping us down. The equation answer me right back. Blackman yuh sleeping too long, far too long.”

Commenting on the short Carnival season, she said: “I hope it is an exciting journey for all the artistes who look forward to performing for Carnival this year.”

Pascall says she enjoys her art and cannot wait to perform for her audience. But this year is going to be a bit tough for her, as she has become a mother.

“I am still getting used to caring for a baby, but I am motivated to work hard and set a good example for my child,” she said.

She now has to learn the art of multitasking with her newborn, but thanked God for the support of her family, who is always willing when she needs help, she said.

Pascall is a past student of the Seventh Day Adventist Primary School and the Rio Claro East Secondary School, and a graduate of the TT Hospitality and Tourism Institute.

Source: Newsday