Part of Diego Martin Highway to close on Sundays for recreation

WORKS Minister Rohan Sinanan, has designated a safe zone of two kilometres of the roadway for a weekly community wellness and physical activity programme in Diego Martin.

The Ministry has approved the installation of new traffic signs along the Diego Martin Highway to inform residents and drivers of this new initiative, which is the first of its kind in the Caribbean. 

Keep Moving Family and Fitness Sundays (KMFFS) has been granted the portion of Highway (Wendy Fitzwilliam Blvd. to Sierra Leone Road) from 6a.m. to 9a.m. every Sunday for walking, jogging, riding, skating, aerobics and other fun physical activities.  


During this time, motorists will have to use alternative routes to get to their final destinations. At present, a law is being drafted to protect patrons of this programme, in the event of, a driver violating the designated area. 

In a statement on Wednesday, Sinanan lauded the effort of the programme organizers, Phillips Promotions and its many sponsors, for developing such a worthwhile programme that promotes health and strengthens community living.  He also expressed his desire to see similar programmes initiated across Trinidad and Tobago. 

In this particular case, the additional signage helps to support and encourage safe cycling and pedestrian activity in the area.  It clearly defines road space for bikes and cars, promoting a more orderly flow of traffic and removes slower-moving road users from active vehicular traffic lanes

Source: Trinidad Express