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Workplace sexual harassment laws coming

Given what is happening around T&T locally, regionally and internationally, Prime Minister Keith Rowley expects legislation addressing sexual harassment in the workplace will be on Government’s legislative agenda.

“I expect it can come sometime. When it does, I trust the Opposition will support it,” he told UNC MP Rudy Indarsingh in Parliament yesterday.


“As father of two women, I wouldn’t want the work environment remaining the way it is, where members who go as far as to find themselves charged for rape get themselves elected without hindrance and become heroes, whether in labour or politics,” he said.

Cabo Star info hidden from Port Authority

Government contracted the Cabo Star cargo vessel for the seabridge under duress and pertinent information was deliberately hidden from the Port Authority, Prime Minister Keith Rowley told UNC MP Fazal Karim.

He said the same thing occurred with the proposal to lease the passenger ferry Ocean Flower 2.

The Port contracted the use of the Cabo Star at a daily rate of US$22,500. The contract for the Ocean Flower 2 was terminated because it failed to arrive in T&T in time.

Rowley said the removal of the Port Authority Board was not being considered at this time.

He said it was easy to jump on people serving in those posts.

“In the fullness of time if there’s need to remove them for wrong doing, I’ll not hesitate. But if information suggests reasonable consideration of their volunteer service, I’ll be the first to consider that.”

He said he wouldn’t have appointed a Ministerial team to seek a ferry vessel if he didn’t think it was satisfactory and appropriate to do so.

No suspension of A&V contract

The Cabinet has no authority to enter any Petrotrin contract—such as A&V Oil & Gas deal—especially with the “fake oil” issue under probe, Prime Minister Keith Rowley told UNC MP David Lee. He said if Government got involved and voided the contract prematurely, the Opposition would be the first with accusations.

Rowley said the contract is matter for Petrotrin’s Board which is currently probing the matter via best practice.

“I don’t know what you all are advocating,” he said.

“We’re not jumping the process. We await the outcome so when action is taken, it can be defended in court if challenged,” he said.

He said the Opposition seemed disappointed the matter was being handled properly.

$709,200 owed to private schools

Money-owed to private secondary schools which enrolled students on the Education Ministry’s behalf totalled $709,200 up to yesterday, Planning Minister Camille Robinson-Regis told UNC MP Dr Lackram Bodoe. Corpus Christi College is owed $175,000 and Caribbean Union College $534,000. Bills are being processed for payment. On Monday, Education Minister Anthony Garcia said 13 private schools were owed money for accommodating Government-assigned students.

Source: Guardian