Padarath calls for establishment of anti-bullying task force

In a statement, Padarath said the task force should be guided with timelines to inform the setting up of actionable policies to treat with the issue. He stated that any policy formulated to deal with the issue of bullying in schools needed to be strengthened and bolstered by new legislation to reflect current societal demands and not simply by reviewing existing antiquated laws.

The Princes Town MP said in the past, the People’s Partnership administration established a taskforce to deal with children’s rights and added that a similar approach should be taken.  He further called on the Ministry to join the International Bullying Prevention Association to be used as a reference on how other countries have dealt with formulating policies on the issue of bullying prevention as well as the rehabilitation of children who exhibit deviant behaviour in the school system and support services for victims and their families.

The Princes Town MP stated that bullying has long-term effects and can even result in suicide and serious crimes and believes that dealing with deviant behaviour in schools is a long-term measure in dealing with infractions of the law. He further stated that this issue needed to be looked at holistically in terms of prevention, rehabilitation and legislation.


Source: Looptt