One dead in altercation with cop

AN off-duty police officer was involved in a shooting incident early yesterday morning in Moruga.

The Sunday Express understands that the officer got into an altercation with two men at Indian Walk, Moruga where the shooting occurred.

One man is now dead.


He has been identified as Miguel Rodriquez. He was shot in the chest and abdomen.

Another man, Albert Thomas, was shot in the leg by the officer and was being treated for his injuries.

Both men were from Fifth Company in Moruga.

The incident occurred around 2.30 a.m. at Woodstock Bar.

Reports state that the men attacked the officer and fearing for his life, he used his service pistol and fired several rounds at the men.

Princes Town CID responded.

Officers attacked


In an unrelated incident on Friday, three police officers from the Princes Town Police Station were assaulted while performing their duties.

Around 5.30 p.m. Sgt Ramlogan, Corporal Nandlal and PC Mitchell were conducting a drug block exercise at Solomon Street in Princes Town when a man ran from them.

The officers pursued the man and held him.

They found a quantity of marijuana in his possession.

Shortly after Ramlogan and Mitchell held the suspect, officer Nandlal was attempting to assist the other officers when another man saw the incident.

It was reported that the man had a scuffle with Nandlal who sustained injuries to his arm.

Ramlogan and Mitchell saw the altercation and were coming over to assist Nandlal, when Ramlogan was bitten on the left shoulder and Mitchell had his arm twisted by the first suspect.

The man was arrested and charged with three counts of assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest, malicious damage and obstructing a police officer from performing his duty.

The suspect is expected in court tomorrow.

Police are also investigating the shooting of a Claxton Bay man yesterday.

Police said around 10 a.m., eyewitnesses saw Keith Francis being chased by two men.

The men were armed with a gun.

Francis, 20, of Bandoo Trace was shot in the head. Francis was pronounced dead at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Centre, Mt Hope.

Source: Trinidad Express