No funeral date as yet

An autopsy has confirmed that Patricia La Chapelle, 62, died of multiple injuries to secondary vehicle collision.

This was revealed yesterday by her son Dominik La Chapelle.

La Chapelle, a former US Navy officer who now works with the US Department of Defense, said in a brief interview that his mother did not died from cardiac arrest.


“People are coming forward with a lot of information. The attorney name is (name called) and to my knowledge, I am fully aware of all my mother’s injuries. The police are doing their job, but so am I. This will be unfair if I don’t defend my mother and seek justice in this time of her needing me.”

Patricia La Chapelle was said to have been knocked down by a car driven by a lawyer while she was crossing Sweet Briar Road in St Clair on November 28. She was reported to have died later in hospital.

Family and friends will have to wait a little longer before she is laid to rest, as her son wants everything to be perfect for this mother’s final send off.He said he is making all the necessary arrangements, but a date has not been set.

He said after viewing the body on Monday at the PoS mortuary, he also visited the St Clair Police Station.

“Since the death of my mother I am having sleepless nights. I have to go back tomorrow (today).

“I cannot understand how they came to a conclusion my mother died of cardiac arrest without having an autopsy performed.

“On Monday at the police station, all they told me is that the case was turned over to a different investigator because it was a fatality. All I am given is a world of attitude because I am asking too many questions. This has been happening since I got here last Friday.”

La Chapelle also wrote on his Facebook page, “Just recently a cyclist was knocked down by a man and to date he is in jail. The reason for this is that he is a man of ‘no status’ but because of your profession the justice system grants you immunity.”

Source: Newsday