Nailah to host LahLahLand

NAILAH BLACKMAN, who was recently nominated for a BET Award, will host a children’s show on July 8, and is inviting all young people, families and everyone to join her on a journey into their imagination.

Producers say on the day, the Paddock at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain, will be transformed into LahLahLand, “the most creative and inventive children’s event to be held in TT.”

The Savannah will become a giant Coney Island with different “lands” such as game-land, tech-land, food-land, snack-land, motto-land, bouncy-land and imagination-land.


From 12 pm to 6 pm the children will be entertained at LahLahLand which will also include a performance by Blackman herself doing some of her hit songs that include Work Out, Birthday Song, Sokah, and Dangerous Boy. She will also have guests performers Sekon Sta, Neval Chatelal and more.

Since her breakthrough song Work Out in 2017, Blackman has been seen as a trendsetter. At 20-years-old, she touches all age groups.

Some of her biggest fans are the young girls and boys who know her lyrics word for word.

“These young people don’t have the opportunity to see Blackman perform live so this is their event. On July 8, to kick-start the August vacation, young girls and boys come out and journey into your imagination, LahLahLand is welcoming you,” said the producers who added that being creative, inventive and feeling different aren’t things to be ashamed or fearful about. Blackman wants to encourage all the young girls and boys to tap into their creativity, to think outside the box and dream their biggest dreams.

To spread this positive and uplifting message, Blackman will soon be visiting selected primary schools across TT, where she will be joined by other young creative people, living their dreams and sharing their stories.

Source: Newsday