Murder/suicide in Carenage

While police investigating the murder of Samantha Isaac were yesterday were closing in on her killer they heard a gunshot coming from his home.

Around 5.30 am, Isaacs, 26, of L’anse Mitan, Carenage, was found unresponsive at the side of the road in the vicinity of the Ocean View hotel after she was thrown out of a vehicle.

She had gunshot wounds to her head and legs.


Isaacs was rushed to the St James Medical Complex where she succumbed to her injuries.

Footage from Closed Circuit Television cameras showed Isaacs was thrown out of a grey Hyundai Elantra motorcar.

After viewing the video footage police went to the Upper Haig Street home of Kahriym Garcia to question him.

On their way to Garcia’s home, they heard a gunshot.

When the officers kicked down the door to his home they found Garcia dead on the ground.

Isaacs and Garcia have a three-year-old son together.

However, their relationship was said to be tumultuous with Isaacs making reports of domestic abuse against him.

On Friday night, Isaacs was at a birthday lime with friends when Garcia and another man reportedly barged in.

Garcia spoke to Isaacs at the lime.

Security eventually put Garcia and the other man out of the party.

When the party was over a driver dropped Isaacs home.

Garcia is said to have been lying in wait for her.

He slapped her and dragged her into his car.

Investigations are continuing.



Source: Guardian