Municipal Police show appreciation


THE top brass of the Municipal Police Service in collaboration with the Office of Law Enforcement Policy (OLEP) held an appreciation and awards function for former acting commissioner of police Stephen Williams at OLEP’s offices on London Street, Port of Spain.

The Municipal Police wanted to thank Williams for all he had done for that branch of the service as well as the leading role he took in developing women policing in TT.googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘div-gpt-ad-1530739344582-8’); });


ACP Brian Headley referred to Williams as “an officer and a gentleman” who served eight years at the helm of the police service. Williams and officials of OLEP were presented with awards for their contribution at the event on October 1.

In his reply Williams thanked all for the gesture of appreciation and said it was the seventh such function he has attended in the last month. He said major changes made will benefit the Municipal Police and shape the direction for the future of this country. The entire networking of policing was taken into context, he said.

“There was the largest recruitment drive looking for quality people which has been a challenge. We have invested in the young ones through the Police Youth Clubs,” Williams said. “There are 125 youth clubs with 11,000 members. When the time comes and they want to enter the police force, we can vouch for their character.”

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It was revealed that by Christmas 200 trainees will be on the ground, having gone through the programme at Marabella Secondary School.

Williams said he worked as a police officer all of his adult life and enjoyed working with all officers as much as he enjoyed his entire career.


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Source: Newsday