Moonilal sues newspaper columnist

A HIGH Court judge will later this year decide whether two commentary pieces in the weekly TNT Mirror publication were defamatory to Opposition MP Dr Roodal Moonilal.

Moonilal has complained of two commentary pieces written by People’s National Movement political activist and newspaper columnist Juliet Davy and published in the weekly newspaper in May and June, 2016.

The columns allegedly mentioned a list published online on which purportedly named the 25 richest people in TT. Moonilal’s name was fourth on the list and allegedly put his worth at $2.58 billion.


Moonilal and Davy testified at the trial before Justice Robin Mohammed, yesterday.

The judge set a tentative date of December 18 to give his decision, adding that if he is unable to do so, his judgement will instead be delivered in January.

Source: Newsday