Missing WPC’s colleagues help daughter celebrate fourth birthday

The daughter of missing police woman Nyasha Joseph is unaware of the frantic and futile search to locate her mother, who many now fear is dead.

The child, who turned four yesterday, is being well sheltered by relatives, who have been keeping radios, televisions and social media sites off in the presence of the child and are not purchasing the daily newspapers for fear she may see her mother’s picture and begin asking questions.

The child, a close relative said yesterday, is accustomed to not seeing her mother for days due to her job and since the search began last Friday the child has not yet asked for her mother.


“I hope she doesn’t today (yesterday), because today is her birthday and when it get dark she might want to know where is mummy,” the relative said.

The child was given a birthday party at her school yesterday, just as her mother had planned. Fellow police officers assisted in dropping off the cake and ice cream for the celebration, which is expected to continue this weekend.

Joseph was jubilantly counting down the days to her child’s fourth birthday and nothing would have stopped her from making it memorable, the relative said, dispelling the notion that she may have abandoned her family and job.

The relative, who asked not to be named, said the family is not coping well with the disappearance and while they are hoping for the best, they have been preparing for the worst and at this point just want some measure of closure.

“We hoping that she probably just tied up somewhere and that we will find her alive.

“They said they checked so much waters and nothing surfacing, so we are holding on and hoping that it is not a case of murder.

“We hoping that is positive news but then we prepare ourselves for the worst the same way, if push come to shove we want to see her, we want her body, dead or alive. We just want to get the body and get some closure,” the relative said.

Guardian Media was told Joseph was reported missing by her colleagues when she failed to show up to work last Friday. Checks by police revealed she was last seen in the company of a 39-year-old Sea Lots man who is in police custody.

The two had broken up four months ago but had a cordial relationship. Joseph had moved out of the Production Drive, Sea Lots home she shared with the man and moved back to her Marie Road, Morvant home.

The officer, who has four months’ service and is still under the probationary period, had an on again off again relationship with a police officer long before she joined the service. He and another officer were questioned and subsequently released in relation to Joseph’s disappearance.

Coast Guard and police officers searched the mangroves off Sea Lots yesterday, but while no sign of Joseph was found they managed to seize two crocus bags of marijuana worth and estimated $500,000. The air, land and sea search for the 22-year-old officer is expected to continue today.

In a media release yesterday, acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams assured Joseph’s family and the country that every effort is being made to return the officer safely to her loved ones, adding he has joined the ongoing prayer vigil for her return.

Sgt Ulric Benjamin, Joseph’s reporting officer, is quoted as describing the young officer as having tremendous potential.

“WPC Joseph is a person of good character, very professional and willing to go the extra mile. She has always been a willing participant on exercises and even though she’s only been on board for several months, already has several cases in the court. She’s a budding officer who has shown a lot of potential. WPC Joseph views the job as a career and not just a job. She also has the respect of her colleagues,” Benjamin said.

Snr Supt Radcliff Boxill, of the Criminal Investigations Department, is appealing to the public to come forward and assist with the investigation.

Source: Guardian http://www.guardian.co.tt/news/2017-03-14/missing-wpc%E2%80%99s-colleagues-help-daughter-celebrate-fourth-birthday