Medical Centre to respond this week

Newsday’s Sunday story reported that Murray was attending to patients at the medical centre in Freeport up to Saturday.

Sunday Newsday also reported that, according to an administrative official at the Medical Board of Trinidad and Tobago, Murray was not in possession of a medical license to practice locally as he had not renewed his since 2004.

Attempts to speak with Murray and owners of the medical centre were unsuccessful.


Contacted for a response again yesterday morning, a doctor from the medical centre said they were drafting a response to be issued this week.

According to the administrative official at the Medical Board of Trinidad and Tobago, Murray, who was convicted and sentenced to four years in a California county jail after the court found him guilty of involuntary manslaughter for Jackson’s death, attempted to have his licence renewed around two years ago.

He was unable to do so, however, as he could not furnish the board with valid licences and letters of good standing from medical boards where he last worked.

After Murray was convicted in 2011, the medical boards of Nevada and California suspended his medical licences. His Texas license was revoked in 2013. Prior to his conviction for Jackson’s death, Murray had a spotless medical record. Chief Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram said the recently appointed Council of the Medical Board which is expected to have its first sitting this week would be looking into the report of Murray’s practice this week.

Source: Newsday,244936.html