Mayaro child dies after apparent suffocation

EASTERN Division police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of nine-year-old Nawal Motilal after he and his eight-year-old brother, Shama, were taken to the Mayaro Health Centre, after their parents found both of them unresponsive in bed early this morning.

Police confirmed the children were put to bed at the Kernahan Village, Mayaro home last night and the mother lit a mosquito coil and placed it under the bed of the boys.

At 5 am today, the parents tried to wake the children up for school, but were unsuccessful and realised their breaths were shallow. Both children were taken to the health centre where the eight-year-old was pronounced dead on arrival. Shama transferred to the Sangre Grande General Hospital where he was receiving treatment up until press time.


Officers said they believe smoke from the mosquito coil may have led to the child’s death but they will await the result of an autopsy before deciding on how to proceed with their investigation.

Source: Newsday