Man shot in drive-by

A 44-year-old man narrowly escaped death when a bullet grazed his head during a drive-by shooting in Penal on Sunday.

A report stated that the man was a patron at Vidales Bar along the SS Erin, just a few hundred metres away from the Penal Police Station.

Around 9 pm, a car drove up to the bar and a gunman opened fire on patrons. Frantic scenes were reported as patrons scampered for cover.


After the gunman drove off, the victim realised that blood was oozing from his head.

He was taken to the Siparia District Health Facility where he was treated and discharged. He later made a report to Penal police.

Insp Nemai, Sgt Gokhool and a team of officers from the Penal Police Station visited the bar and began inquiries.

Up to yesterday, investigators were still trying to determine who was the target of the shooting.

Meanwhile, the search for the suspect continued into yesterday.

Source: Guardian