Local government members to undergo orientation seminar

In a statement, the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government said the two-day Orientation Seminar will be held on Wednesday March 15 and Friday March 17, 2017 for Mayors, Chairmen, Deputy Mayors, Vice Chairmen, Aldermen, Councillors and Chief Executive Officers of each Municipality.

The two-day-long session will address the issues of governance, legal mandates, leading change and transformation, strategic thinking and strategy formulation, and relationship management and stakeholder engagement.

Minister Kazim Hosein said government representatives must be accessible to citizens. 


“Local government practitioners must be more accessible to the citizens that they represent. The objective of this seminar will be to equip our local government practitioners with a clear sense of their roles, responsibilities and guiding legal frameworks.”

“We aim to create progressive servant-leadership teams in each of the fourteen corporations, who can get the job done, provide improved service delivery and ensure that every burgess feels their representatives working for them.”

“With the coming local government reform and the commensurate increase in responsibility and authority for each corporation, this type of training is now more important than ever.”

The Orientation Seminar, which will be held at Signature Hall, Chaguanas, will commence with a formal Opening Ceremony on Wednesday, March 15, 2017 from 8:30 am – 10:00 am, and will run until 4:30 pm on both days.

Source: Looptt http://www.looptt.com//content/local-government-members-undergo-orientation-seminar