Kudos on firm action, Garcia

THE EDITOR: While it is disturbing to see the video of schoolgirls from the Diego Martin North Secondary School smoking marijuana on the school compound, I commend Education Minister Anthony Garcia and his ministry for taking firm action – suspension – against them.

Clearly those students do not to care about receiving a proper education, which is freely available to them in this country. They obviously prefer to smoke marijuana.

I was shocked and disgusted when I saw these students openly puffing away on the school compound. True, there is a move to decriminalise marijuana but it is still illegal. So those students were breaking the law.


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The decisive measures by Garcia and the ministry will help maintain discipline in our schools and the counselling provided the students will help mould them into productive and responsible citizens.


Source: Newsday https://newsday.co.tt/2019/02/21/kudos-on-firm-action-garcia/