J’Ouvert ends early in Sando after fatal violence


A FATAL stabbing, as well as a shooting, marred J’Ouvert celebrations in San Fernando causing police to end it an hour before its scheduled time.

Police said that at about 8.30 am yesterday, a man identified as Osei Joseph, 24, of La Romaine, was stabbed three times while at Cipero Street near Donaldson Street, San Fernando. Police said Joseph had an altercation with a man who stabbed him. The injured spectator was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital (SFGH) where he later died. About 15 minutes later, police went to Park Street having received a report of a shooting. On arrival, they saw Keon Jack, 26, of Montgomery Street, Ste Madeleine, with gunshot wounds to the right arm and side. Jack was taken to the hospital and remains warded in a critical condition. Up to yesterday, Southern Division police were searching for the perpetrators of both crimes.


Police stopped the music at about 11 am, however, spectators and thousands of masquerades continued to dance and parade in the street.

From Sunday night, people were gathering in the streets of San Fernando in anticipation of J’Ouvert. At about 5.30 am yesterday Deputy Mayor Vidya Mungal Bissessar officially launched the celebration at Harris Promenade.

In the traditional category, only one band — De Blue Boys J’Ouvert Band — registered with the San Fernando Carnival Committee. The ole mas veterans presented Blame it on the PP, a satirical presentation in which characters poked fun at politicians, officials and at ordinary citizens.

Bandleader Val Ramsingh, dressed as a woman with a blue wig, roamed the street as he held up a placard which read, Shamfa Roam Too Much. With the words Is Rowlie who Pick Paula, a character pickpocketed a woman.

Holding a bedpan, another character held a placard with the words Archie Refused to Go. Another character accused C. Jay of “treating Marcia issue with toilet tissue.” The band had more than 20 presentations.

Despite being the sole band in this category, Ramsingh vowed to return next year. “This must not die. Let us keep this alive,” he said.

There were only three other ole mas characters, a couple and two individuals. Appearing first before judges at Harris Promenade, Jeremy Gonzales and Candice Barran portrayed Vicky Boodram and the Police Lover in reference to accused fraudster Vicky Boodram’s escape from prison.

Reigning J’Ouvert king Tyrone Nanan presented Real Oil. Wearing a placard with the words Mr Nazim Backlash, Nanan drilled oil from a rig. He “discovered” fake oil such as Castor oil, baby oil and John Son oil. Spectators cheered on as he discovered real oil-coconut oil. Joseph Coombs also poked fun at Boodram’s escape with his presentation Trini Remand Yard is the Best. Appearing before judges in a jail cell, it stated that prisoners have smart tvs, smartphone and even guns and drugs.

“And guess what? We can walk out when we want. If you think ah lie, ask Vicky,” were the words written on the cell.

Shortly after 9 am, eight bands had performed at Harris Promenade. They included San City Steel Symphony, Southern All Stars, Union Hall South Landery Steel Orchestra, La Romaine Super Vibes Steelband, Ole Tech Steel Orchestra and Caribbean Airline Skiffle. King Row Retro Riddim members were guest performers.

Mayor Junia Regrello, like last year, said that traditional mas is a dying art form.


A FATAL stabbing and a shooting marred J’Ouvert celebrations in San Fernando causing police to end it an hour before its scheduled time.

Police identified the dead man as Osei Joseph, 24, of La Romaine. He was stabbed three times while at Cipero Street near Donaldson Street.

Another man Keon Jack, 26, of Montgomery Street in Ste Madeleine, was shot and wounded at Park Street.

He is in a critical condition at the San Fernando General Hospital.

Source: Newsday http://newsday.co.tt/2018/02/12/jouvert-ends-early-in-sando-after-fatal-violence/