Indarsingh slams Govt on activities at Petrotrin

Cost cutting could not be going on at Petrotrin if two people were recently promoted in the Human Resources department each commanding salaries of $45,000, monthly says UNC MP Rudy Indarsingh.

He did so in Thursday’s debate of the 2018 Budget in Parliament.

Slamming the Budget, Indarsingh said Government was completely disconnected from realities the public has to face.


“The ‘paradigm’ as Government says will not change. This Budget wouldn’t change it because people – especially the working class – are suffering more taxation since 2015, joblessness, hardship and pain. And this Budget brings more,”

Noting the high salaries for two people at Petrotrin’s HR division recently, Indarsingh asked if this was really in sync with the stated call for company restrucuting.

“Who authorised the promotions? Was it the Vice president of HR? Nobody is sayign how Pertotrin’s restructuring will be done – will workers lose jobs? ”

Slamming Government’s management of the labour sector, he added, “What happened to the agreement they signed prior to office with labour when they said they were ‘Red and Ready’?”

” What happened to the 35,000 truck driving and other jobs in Canada the Labour Minister promised to get for workers after ArcelorMittal closed?

” Are there public sector cuts coming (with the Revenue Authority)? The Finance Minister must say if he told his colleague Allyson West to talk to BIR and Customs staff to see if people would accept termination officers,”

He criticised West for alluding to tax dodgers without supporting dates and also slammed Minister Fitzgerald Hinds’ recent remarks on prison officers.

“Hinds cast aspersions on prison officers, going into private lives without giving any basis for his accusations”




Source: Guardian