Hillview top Schools Chess Championship

LAST weekend, the St Joseph’s Convent Port-of-Spain Chess Club hosted the second edition of its Secondary Schools Chess Championship. The tournament featured 50 players from 13 secondary schools across TT competing at the St Mary’s College Centenary Hall. The participating schools included St Joseph’s Convent Port of Spain, St Mary’s College, Naparima College, Presentation College Chaguanas, Fatima College, St Francois Girls High School, Bishop Anstey High School, Hillview College, Arima North Secondary School, El Dorado West Secondary School, ASJA Boys, Tunapuna Secondary School and Trinity College Moka.

The overall winner of the tournament was St Mary’s Sean Yearwood who played unbeaten. The overall top school went to Hillview College. The tournament was organised by young female entrepreneurs Gabriella Johnson and Shannon Yearwood. The arbiters of the tournament that allowed for a smooth flow included Quinn Cabralis, Quintin Cabralis, Coreen Cabralis and Joshua Johnson. The tournament featured experienced national players as well as some players who were playing in their first tournament. All the prizes were sponsored by Seven Seas and PKF Chartered Accountants.

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Best U-13 player – Tristan Lakhai (Hillview College)

Best U-15 player – Zidanne Boodoo (Presentation College Chaguanas)

Best U-17 player – Matthew Inkim( Fatima College)

Best U-19 player – Gerard Sealy (Arima North Secondary School)

1st place female – Shemilah James (St François Girls High School)

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2nd place female – Marliyah Mason-Phillips (St.Joseph’s Convent Port-of -Spain)

3rd place female – Gabriella Johnson(St.Joseph’s Convent Port-of-Spain)

1st place individual – Sean Yearwood (St.Mary’s College)

2nd place individual – Aaron Chaitram (Fatima College)

3rd place individual – Sameer Ali (Hillview College)

Most participants – Presentation College Chaguanas

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1st place school – Hillview College

2nd place school – Fatima College

3rd place school – Presentation College Chaguanas


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Source: Newsday https://newsday.co.tt/2019/02/21/hillview-top-schools-chess-championship/