Great-granny still standing

Viola King, the 63-year-old great-grandmother who escaped unharmed when her Diego Martin home came crashing down around her, is resting comfortably while her children tend to the debris of her fallen house.

In a conversation with one of her seven children Wednesday, Newsday was told that she was given the day to rest, and would later join her family in clearing the debris, and recovering any items that survived the catastrophe.

Newsday was told the pensioner began clearing debris herself shortly after medics and emergency services left the scene at on Upper La Puerta Road on Tuesday night.


On Tuesday afternoon at about 4.30, fire and emergency services were alerted to reports that a woman, later identified as King, was trapped under the rubble of a house that collapsed.

Emergency services and residents feared the worst, but when they pulled King from the rubble she was unharmed.

King told medics that she was okay, except for a pain in her left ankle, which was bandaged.

King’s relatives told Newsday she remains in high spirits.

Source: Newsday