Gopeesingh: $95m for Scarborough school is ‘madness’


CARONI East MP Dr Tim Gopeesingh has described as “madness” a $95 million cost for a primary school in Scarborough.

He raised the issue with Finance Minister Colm Imbert during consideration of expenditure for Tobago House of Assembly in Standing Finance Committee in Parliament on Friday.


He asked about new construction for Scarborough RC Primary School and whether the total cost was going to be $95 million after $75 million was spent in 2017, $14 million in 2018 and $6 million to be spent in 2019.

“Ninety-five million dollars for a primary school honourable minister? When we (the previous administration) built them in Trinidad for $17 million and $15 million? To bring 650 students in a school? This is madness.”

Imbert said the school had already been opened and the $6 million was just to deal with the final account.

Gopeesingh said: “So the cost is how much minister?”

Imbert replied: “I can give you details on what the $6 million will be spent on.”

Source: Newsday