Galleons Passage to go into service ‘immediately’

The Galleons Passage is expected to be put into service on the inter-island sea bridge as early as the end of the month.

The new ferry arrived at the Port of Port of Spain around 11 pm on Monday, after leaving China for T&T in February and encountering a number of delays along the way, largely due to weather conditions. 

Media were given a tour of the vessel on Tuesday.


The vessel has 600 seats on the lower deck and accommodation for 100 passengers on the upper deck which remains uncovered at this time.

The new ferry caters to the needs of the differently-abled, being outfitted with spacious washroom facilities.

Speaking with reporters on the tour, Works Minister Rohan Sinanan said certification and crewing of the vessel must be done before it can be put into service.

He said the goal would be to have the vessel in service as early as possible as it’s now the vacation period.

“Fingers crossed, in two weeks we should be able to put the boat in. However, that depends on all certification.”

 Imbert agreed, indicating that it was just a matter of ticking boxes at this stage.

“The most difficult part of the process would be to get the crew together. I would think everything else is straightforward. But they have already engaged an international ship manager – the same ship manager that brought the ship all the way from China.

But I think the Minister is absolutely right to say that barring unforeseen circumstances, within two to three weeks this boat could be on the inter-island route. But again, we never know what could happen.”


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