Galleons Passage approaching

BY tomorrow, the Galleons Passage will be approaching the Venezuelan coast as it makes its way into Port of Spain.

Satellite tracking at 3 pm yesterday revealed that the boat, travelling from Santiago Cuba, had passed Jamaica and was in the middle of the open Caribbean Sea.

Based on this location, it has been predicted by the National Infrastructure Development Company to arrive in Port of Spain on Monday.


However, it seems that based on yesterday’s location, Sunday afternoon is more likely to be the arrival time.

It is long overdue from China, where it was bought for $17.4 million to service the seabridge between Trinidad and Tobago.

The boat is travelling at approximately 12 knots, which is half of the speed, according to valuations, at which it was built to travel.

Satellite tracking revealed that the Galleons Passage was in the dead centre of the Caribbean Sea with its bow pointed directly towards Venezuela. As it approaches, the boat will veer left and sail along the nothern Venezuelan coastline on its voyage into TT waters.

Source: Newsday