Former journalist Susan Gosine-Herrera has died

FORMER journalist Susan Gosine-Herrera has passed away at the age of 57.

Gosine-Herrera, who worked for several media entities including the Express and Newsday, passed away on Monday in New York, where she has been resident for some years.

A one-time breast cancer survivor, Gosine-Herrera lost her battle with the disease and has left behind a daughter.


Though she did not work within the local media for some time before her death, Gosine-Herrera was remembered as a talented writer and warm-spirited person who shared good relationships with her colleagues.

Following her first victory against breast cancer, Gosine-Herrera had shared her experiences with the wider community and sought to inspire others to also fight the illness.

She would often write about her experiences and recovery on her Facebook page.

Last November, she wrote: “To my dear family and devoted friends. I am once again in the war zone fighting for survival against this tenacious disease that does not seem to want to leave me. The battle has been won a long time ago, now I am engaged in an all-out war. Tomorrow morning I will be back in surgery to remove another tumour from my brain. My third craniotomy. I am going in with my greatest weapon and I invite you to yet again join me on this journey. Your weapon, your prayers and spirituality. The power of prayers is the greatest weapon, let us take it to war with us and emerge victorious, as always. There can only be one group of winners, and it’s us. Let’s do this and win. I love you all. And thank you for your prayers and support. I am going in strong and will emerge stronger.”

Last month, in what appeared to be her last Facebook post, Gosine-Herrera shared a heartfelt tribute to her daughter, to whom she pledged her love as a mother.

Source: Trinidad Express