Ferry delayed in Japan

The passenger ferry, the Galleons Passage, remained docked in Yokohama, Japan up to late yesterday evening.

Tracking sites Fleetmon.com and vesselfinder.com showed the vessel as being “moored” up to late last evening.

There is no indication from either NIDCO or Finance Minister Colm Imbert when the vessel will begin the journey to Honolulu, Hawaii. The first leg of the journey to Trinidad and Tobago.


Finance Minister Colm Imbert responding to questions in the name of the Minister of Works and Transport told the Senate this week that the Galleons Passage will arrive in the country at the end of April.

This despite significant delays which has plagued the vessel.

The first leg of the journey from Nansha, China to Hong Kong was delayed by the Chinese New Year celebrations.

It was delayed again when it got to Hong Kong, it failed to dock in Shanghai as planned for the installation of fuel tanks and was rerouted to Yokohama, where it was scheduled to leave on Thursday.

NIDCO had promised regular updates on the vessel but those have not been forthcoming.

Tobago stakeholders say they feel no sense of assurance by the Minister’s pronouncement that the Galleons Passage will arrive in the country at the end of April.

They say they will believe it when the vessel docks at the Port of Port-of-Spain.

This week ferry passengers have been accommodated on CAL flights, at no extra cost, as the lone vessel, the T&T Express, was pulled off the route for maintenance.

The T&T Spirit is expected to resume operation on Monday.

That vessel had been down for repairs since last June. ­—See page A12

Source: Guardian http://www.guardian.co.tt/news/2018-03-17/ferry-delayed-in-japan