Family of Beetham hit-and-run victim: "Driver, tell us what happened’

THE family of the elderly man struck dead on the Beetham Highway, Port of Spain on Sunday, would like the driver of the vehicle to step forward and report the incident.

Orson Ammon, 73, of Chaguanas, was hit on the east-bound lane at around 6a.m.

Police were told that the driver did not stop.


Ammon died at the Mt Hope hospital.

At the Forensic Science Centre on Monday, Ammon’s relatives pleaded with the driver of the vehicle to come forward.

“If we had to say anything, it would just be to come make a report to police and let them know what happened. It’s not like you sought out to kill this man. Orson was 73-years-old and he lived only for his grandchildren and fisheries, by mending nets”.

A relative said: “we know it was an accident. But after you had hit him, even if you didn’t want to stop because you were probably afraid of Sea Lots or Laventille or whatever, you could have still stopped at another police station and let them know what happened. You could have told someone. As for us, we are just here in the dark. But at the end of the day, we just have to forgive them, and say a prayer for them”.

Source: Trinidad Express