Fake cops invade home and escape

Six bandits dressed in police tactical wear and armed with guns broke into a Wallerfield farm house during early this morning. They held up seven members of a family who were asleep, ordered them out of their beds, tied them up with tie straps and threatened to kill them.

For close to one agonising hour the bandits, who said they were police officers, ransacked the family’s home.

According to police reports around 1 am Marvin Julien 32, Michael Julien 29, Marissa Julien 35, Joanne Bristol 35, Aaron Charles 34 and Marlon Atkins, 44, were asleep when the bandits started pounding on the front door and shouting “police, police, open the door, we are here to search for arms and ammunition.”


The frightened victims refused to open the door, but the men went to the side of the house, broke down a wooden door and entered.

Source: Newsday https://newsday.co.tt/2018/07/12/fake-cops-invade-home-and-escape/