ElectoralStaff trained

Staff assigned to the various electoral districts across the island was part of a training and empowerment workshop hosted by the Tobago House of Assembly’s Legislature Secretariat last week at the Shaw Park Cultural Facility.

Speaking on the importance of the workshop, Presiding Officer of the Tobago House of Assembly, Dr Denise Tsoiafatt, said the Assembly Legislature launched the session to ensure better representation across the island in the electoral districts. “This will be done through empowering the staff so they can have a better understanding of their roles as the first person members of the public see when they seek their elected representatives.”

Program participant, Cecil Noel- Plymouth/ Golden Lane electoral district, said the session was “very informative”. She noted that it gave her a greater understanding of her role. “It showed me my commitment to serve all persons and to be mindful of things like body language and attitude and to also pay attention to excellence in service.”


Another participant, Cynthia McMillan – Bethel /Mt. Irvine electoral district said she too found the session “helpful”. “Part of the session included lectures from the Fire Services.

I learnt a lot about Occupational Health and Safety and ensuring that staff and members of the public enjoy a safe environment.”

Valerie Achille, Lambeau/Signal Hill electoral district, said the experience was “enlightening”. “We were able to get an appreciation of how the two entities relate to each other and were told we are in fact representatives of the representatives and should ensure that we try our best to assist everyone.”

The sessions allowed the employees to get acquainted with the services available to them to enhance the performance of their duties. Additionally, staff were exposed to etiquette and protocol training.

Source: Guardian http://www.guardian.co.tt/news/2017-08-11/electoralstaff-trained-