East Zone Cricket officials deny mismanagement Amid threat of legal action…

EAST Zone Cricket Council secretary Kazim Mohammed and chairman David Hunte have both refuted claims of mismanagement within the Council – an affiliate of the TT Cricket Board.

Mohammed, Hunte and vice-chairman Kenneth Samuel were each issued pre-action protocol letters dated December 18, 2018 by attorneys-at-law Brent Hallpike and Associates, acting on behalf of the East Zone Cricket Council.

According to the letters, “Since the election held on or about 20th September 2016, you were no longer a representative of the said East Zone for the Umpires but as (a member) of the East Zone Council. As a consequence, pursuant to the TTCB constitution, you no longer held a position of the said Council and would be no longer entitled to act on the Council’s behalf.”


The letter listed a number of irregularities contrary to the constitution which were allegedly carried out by the certain members of the Council, including mismanagement of funds, failure to produce audited financial statements, failure to provide the secretary’s report to the Council, failure to appoint an auditor, failure to provide a budget for the past two financial years and failure to call the Annual General Meeting for the past two years.

The trio was asked to request an East Zone Council meeting and respond to the pre-action protocol letter within five days from the date of receiving the letter or legal proceeding would be initiated against them. They were also asked to repay legal expenses amounting to $4,500.

Contacted yesterday to address the contents of the letter, Mohammed was adamant that the Council members misunderstood their own constitution.

“You can send (the letter) back to the (sender) because the constitution of the Board says I am required to (give) the Council 14 days’ notice (for elections),” said Mohammed. “Five days’ notice cannot work with me.

“The person who sent it does not know the constitution. Get the constitution and check it first,” he added.

Mohammed continued, “To hold an election in any part of the Board or affiliate, you must inform those entitled to be present 14 days in advance. None of that was done. They didn’t follow the constitution so those elected are null and void.”

Hunte, who said yesterday he was yet to receive his pre-action protocol letter, believes there may be a power struggle within the Council.

He said, “The umpires had a meeting. I don’t know which constitution they followed. Elections is due in September 2019. They said some people resigned (from) some posts and they filled the vacancies. I don’t know how they did that. They have not yet notified the Council that they are now the people in charge so I don’t know how I didn’t become a (representative).”

Last evening, attorney Hallpike said, “I haven’t received any reply as yet (from either Mohammed, Hunte or Samuel). All three letters went sent to one address.”

Source: Newsday https://newsday.co.tt/2018/12/28/east-zone-cricket-officials-deny-mismanagement/