Duke: Bomb scare deliberate

Duke, speaking with reporters at the port, said that when he learnt of the incident, “I got panicky, I got concerned.

Who would want to bomb the T&T Express, and is there anyone on this island who is sufficiently trained and sufficiently resourced to treat with the detection and the neutralisation of a bomb,” Though checks were made and the boat sailed, Duke is convinced it was not thoroughly examined.

“Tobago is very shortstaffed on skilled persons, and so what we are having is that this boat, that was once dubbed a boat that had a bomb on it, has not been thoroughly examined.


I am certain about that. There was no professional persons who were trained in what we would term as improvised explosive devices and there was no proper person here who was trained in the working knowledge of the operations of these improvised explosive devices They are not properly trained in the installation of them, nor how to bypass the intrusion of them,” he said.

Duke described the act as wilful.

“This is more than sabotage, I would say this is a wilful act to detain the people of Tobago and let them know that you are not yet ready for the running of an island.

Which island in the Commonwealth does not have someone who can) deal with bombs?” On Thursday, 232 passengers and 129 vehicles were evacuated from the vessel after a bomb threat at approximately 6.45 am at the port of Scarborough. Checks were carried out but nothing was found.

The ferry eventually set sail at 10.30 am.

Source: Newsday http://www.newsday.co.tt/news/0,244963.html